The social app helping your remote team build .stronger connections  & .have fun  

SquadPal helps your remote team share fun and personal moments. Discover your team's hidden talents - from cooking to running skills 🧡

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The fun employee engagement app
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Building connections beyond work 💫


Challenges    Achieve fun objectives, together 🏆 

The only target bringing you closer

Achieve a healthy goal as a team. Get the team to run the Paris to London distance or cycle together.


We include live leaderboards showing the top contributors. 

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Baking contests, funniest selfie... Plenty of options, and you can also create your own!

Keep an eye on the competition with live leaderboards.

Competitions    Share a pic; get votes: most voted pic wins 💪

Discover your team's hidden talents

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Bring back the office banter 🥳

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Trivia    Async team trivia 🎲

Fun quizzes for fun teams

We created the questions, you just focus on the fun

Play in your own time and be the knowledge master.

Great teams start with great communication 💭

Mood     Anonymous pulse check surveys. Weekly 🌡

Understand how everyone is feeling

See how your teammates are feeling, anonymously.


Our mood dashboard will show you how the positivity level is changing each week.

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No more unnoticed achievements.

Recognise your teammates' great work in 2 clicks.

Recognitions   Give kudos to a teammate 🙌🏻

Make your teammates feel valued

Frequently asked questions

I want to create a team, how do I get access?

There's nothing simpler. Download SquadPal here and sign up in the app. You will then be able to create a team in 2 clicks

How do I join a team?

Download SquadPal here. Once you sign-up/sign-in there will be two options: Create a team or Join a team. Click on Join a team and enter the code provided by your team creator.

How much does it cost?

Well, it's your lucky day! The platform is completely free at the moment, so have fun!!

How does it work?

It’s as simple as: 1. Download SquadPal
2. Create your team and invite your teammates
3. Play instantly with your colleagues :)

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