Top 3 Challenges Of Remote Working and some solutions

Working remotely or working from home (WFH) has seen various degrees of acceptance across the business world during the past decade. Then the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to widely adopt the work from home model.

Advantages of remote work primarily include cutting on office expenditures, ease in scaling up or down, saving commuting time, the capacity to go global and find representation across multiple locations and many others. However, in this business operating model there are also challenges to overcome by both management and employees.

Unplugging or Switching: End of Workday Mode

At first, employers were worried that employees may slack off or work less when working remotely. It appeared that this pre-conceived idea was unfounded as employees proved to be more efficient and productive outside the conventional office. As a matter of fact, studies have shown a 13% increase in productivity.

In these conditions, unplugging from work and resting are amongst the main issues employees face. Separating time for work and leisure is difficult when tasks are within reach, and employees tend to work more. Overworking is not healthy and can adversely affect productivity.

Common good practices include structuring work schedules that are still flexible to include video conferencing with other team members in different time zones, but also encouraging relaxation and meditation.

Feeling Of Isolation Or Difficulty To Collaborate, Connect and Communicate

Another problem of working remotely is the removal of “office pantry chats” or “water cooler chat”. People are still social beings but working from home eliminates office social interactions like sharing lunch or enjoying after work drinks.

Communication can also be challenging at this time, which results in feeling isolated. Employees might feel neglected or out of the loop of things if they can’t attend meetings, brainstorming sessions or be part of the decision making. When team members do not communicate well, it makes it harder to collaborate with others.

They might not perceive collaborative tasks similarly and be on different pages. Management needs to ensure to have an inclusive work environment and take extra effort to keep all communication lines open, transparent, and clear. Over communicating is not a thing, it is the new normal. Teams need to collaborate, so it’s critical to view tasks in the same way or at least perceive key factors similarly to work harmoniously.

Lack Of Motivation

For employees who thrive in a conventional office set-up, the change in work environment can be challenging and could result in a decrease in motivation and performance. We are creatures of habits. The rituals of waking up early, getting dressed, having breakfast while chit chatting with teammates and actual office engagement are important activities to keep members motivated. Management should address these issues by keeping employees engaged, especially those who are new to a work from home model.

The fun employee engagement App

At SquadPal, our mission is to help those remote/distributed teams. Our app is designed to keep teams engaged, connected and motivated. The platform makes it effortless to organize all sorts of activities such as games, competitions, and challenges.

Whether you prefer a friendly baking competition or a 100km running challenge, you will always feel connected to your team. And with our partners, you have even more options! For instance, LiveSounds offers a highly interactive 1-hour-and-30-minute live stream musical experience that combines live music, personalized shout outs, and games, guaranteed to help teams connect by having fun together.

You can also take advantage of our advanced analytics which helps you keep track and measure your team’s engagement. This helps you drive and manage the life of your team at the click of a button.

We believe that it’s important to take the time to celebrate with your team the moments that matter most like a birthday, a new joiner or a happy announcement. With SquadPal, there is never a dull moment and your team is always connected with one another.

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